how to use email bombing

How to Use Email Bombing Feature

Do you want your friends to appreciate and value your IT Skills related to emails? I also understand how it feels to be appreciated for your skills by your friends. There are various methods for email bombing to any email address. I will explain my favourite method, which is the easiest method for email bombing.

this is email bombing

The Best Way To Bomb Someone’s Email in 2024

Are you someone who wants to a little something new in 2024? Already tried sms and call bombing? So here is a fresh method and idea for you, spam bomb someone’s email. This article is going to tell you all about how to do email bombing and leave your friends surprised. 

Read this article very carefully till the end to understand how to email bomb someone without making any mistake. Let us start now and tell you the secret recipe to your new prank idea.

How Can You Email Bomb Someone

There are several ways to email bomb someone, just like with the calls and messages too. I will be telling you the BEST way and trust me this will be the only one that you will be needing. You will thank me later for sharing this super effective and easy way to email bomb your friends.

This is going to be your favorite method to email bomb someone as it is new and free of cost too. I will not waste any more of your time so let us start.

The app that you need to use is called BOMBitUP, and you must have heard the name. If you have not, no worries; I will explain you. This is an SMS Bomber but can be used for calls and emails too. You can download its APK from our website but before that let us guide you on how will you be using the app.

Email Bomber by BOMBitUP

This app does have several features included in it. WhatsApp also being amongst one of them but today we are discussing the email bombing feature. It is very convenient, with lots of options and that too for free.

Before we think of who will we be pranking today remember that this app can only be used for fun purposes only. You can use it to prank your family or friends and tell them afterwards which will be the best.

Some steps that you need to follow to use this app are going to be now shared with you.

How to Email Bomb Someone

First things first, we would want you to download this application. We suggest you downloading the app from our website as it will be safe for you and protect your phone from any possible dangers. This app cannot be found on Google Play Store or Apple Store because of its nature not following the guidelines of these platforms. We are going to not only provide you this app but that too for free.

Our website has this app just for you but you must remember to use it very carefully. Do not break any rules and only use it for harmless entertainment purposes only. Do not use this app for any sort of illegal or unethical activities. This is only for close friends and family, who you think can take these pranks well only.

Once you have the app downloaded then you need to follow certain steps again. Those few steps and then you can start sending those unlimited emails to your friend or family.

Steps To Sending The Emails To Your Friend or Family

  • Step 1: Open the app
  • Step 2: Click on the three lines on the top right corner of the app to go through the numerous options that this app offers
  • Step 3: Write down the number of sms you want to send to your target’s number. Fair usage policy applies.
  • Step 4: Go through all those options and find “Email Blast” in there.
  • Step 5: Click on that Email Blast option and be ready to bomb someone’s email.
  • Step 6: Enter the needed information.
  • Step 7: Wait and then see the trick happening.

These are the steps that you need to follow, I tried describing these in the easiest way for you. If you miss any step then you will not be able to do it successfully. You can always go through these steps again if you are confused. 

Now I will let you know some other important things which are necessary for you to know.

Email Bomb Website

Even after my long research I have not found any website which can send unlimited emails. No any such tool that can help you with email bombing. There are numerous websites which can tell you about email bombing what is it and how to protect your email from it. 

If you find any such website, feel free to share as we will continue sharing it forward to our fellows out here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending numerous spam emails to someone’s email box is email bombing.

Gmail often detects spam emails and does not bother you with its notifications. These emails directly go to the spam section but if they do not then for once report them spam and you will not be bothered by more. You can also block the senders one by one.

This depends on the purpose that you are using it for. If you are sending harmless or scam messages and bothering someone continuously then yes it is illegal. It can be legal if you are doing it in a very limited manner for the entertainment purpose only. The person you are sending the emails to must be someone you know well in real life and not cause any confusions.


The steps mentioned above are for educational and  entertainment purposes only. Do not use it for any illegally activities and no one will be responsible for your actions but you alone. Illegal activities online can be reported as cyber crime and we do not hold any responsibility to your actions. 

Hope you have had a good read and got your answers. I tried covering email bombing in great depths and details for you. If you found this email helpful then share it with your friends and family, that will help us grow too. You can always share your opinion regarding this with us and your feedback is always welcome.

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