is bombitup legal

Is BOMBitUP legal to use or not

This question might have been in your mind too, whether BOMBitUP is legal or not? All those who want to prank their friends are also cautious about guidelines too. I pretty much had the same question as you did and hence I researched about it so you do not have to. Going through numerous informative articles, websites, communities, FAQs, and much more I am here to share the information that gathered.

This article will give you a detailed answer in a very clear way about the question you have. Make sure to read it carefully till the very end as it contains important details that you would not want to miss. It is best to know how to use this app the right way too which means in the legal way to avoid any trouble.

How BOMBitUP works 

This app provides the perfect opportunity of pranking your close ones in a new refreshing way. It offers the services of sending unlimited messages, calls, and emails hence is known as both an SMS, Call, and Email Bomber. Literally a variety of options to choose from depending on your mood or the data you have. You can choose all of these too but that might be a little too much and hence a better way is to keep one way for one friend and the other way for the other friend.

It simply asks you to enter the phone number of the friend that you want to prank. If it is call bombing that you want then type the number of calls you want him to get and click BombIT which will start your task and your friend’s phone has started buzzing already. If you want to send messages, type the number and bingo, he or she is already getting texts. The calls and messages will be super random like from different services of deliveries.

The different services mean different numbers and that way if your friends blocked one number there are still many more. They will all be spam messages and nothing hurtful or harmful, but enough to confuse them. They will try to understand what happened all of a sudden and meanwhile you can also end the prank.

During your prank it is best to end it if you see your friend getting really anxious or worried. The purpose is only some entertainment and not bothering them. The person will not realise where the messages are coming from so that might make him think of different possibilities and hence make sure to only do this within a limit. 

According to some research and surveys conducted, billions of text messages are sent everyday. TrueList and SellCell stated approximately 23 billion texts and around 27 billion SMS everyday now in 2024 according to Earthweb. These are great numbers and such apps also contribute to making the total count so huge. Bombitup is an example of such an app which plays a huge role in making it turn to billions of texts everyday.  

Now that you have all that information I am going to answer whether it is legal to use or not. Read it very carefully without skipping any part.

Is BOMBitUP legal?

If you are someone who is using it only for the purpose of fun then it is not illegal to you. Yes this app can be considered legal or illegal depending on your usage. You can use it only to prank people you know very well and not random strangers, as it might scare them. You should not use it to harm others mentally or stress them. If you do not know who you are sending messages to then it might be dangerous for both you and that person.

This application allows entertainment but no harm or illegal activity. If your idea steps outside the boundary of ethics then it can create problems and can be considered as illegal. If you use this app for any other purposes such as revenge then also it is illegal. You should avoid doing anything which is illegal because it can cause serious problems for you and your loved ones.

Think about it now if you are going to use this app for the right purpose or wrong. If your purpose is right then the app is legal, if it is not a good intention then it is illegal. Your use defines whether BOMBitUP is legal or illegal. We suggest you to only use this application for the purpose of fun and only prank those who you know personally and are also close with. 

Using this application for sending harmful messages to random people can harm you too. People can then report you to cyber security which monitors crimes conducted online. If you are bothering strangers they can also file an FIR against you for your act and then your IP address can be tracked easily and you can get caught. We even suggest you tell your close friends soon too after you prank them in order to be on the safe side. 

To conclude the answer now, if you are using this for entertainment purposes then there are no legal issues. Always be careful about certain things:

  • Do not prank random strangers.
  • Do it only for the purpose of fun.
  • Do not send scary or harmful messages.
  • Do it only with people you know very well (who can accept your pranks).

Frequently Asked Question

Depends on how you use it. It is considered spam and not illegal if you are only doing it for fun but if you have bad intentions then it is illegal and also might get you in trouble.

We hope you have your answers now and all your doubts are removed about BOMBitUP. Whether it is legal or not we told you about it and if you still have any confusions feel free to share. We wish you the best and hope you have a good day with lots of safe fun.

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