Have you ever thought about pranking your friends & family? BOMBitUP sms allows you to send unlimited sms and much more to anyone anonymously.

App NameBOMBitUP
App DeveloperRomReviewer
RequirementsAndroid v5.0 & above
Last UpdatedJune 22, 2024
Size9.7 MB
CategoryPrank Messaging Apps

Bombitup sms allows you to prank anyone anonymously by sending short message service messages. Since 5 billion people worldwide use SMS messaging which makes its one of the most widely used mode of communication despite the rising of social media. According to a survey 95% of sms messages are read within couple of minutes received.

Now, we’ll explain how this app actually works. How can you download it for free? What features it offers, and more.

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How to Download & Install this App for Free

Since bombitup sms is not available on Google Playstore, you can download it from this website for free by clicking on the above download button and the download will start automatically in the next 5 seconds.

You can install bomb it just by following the below instructions and for your convineance we have also attached guide pictures.

  • Click the above Download BOMBitUP APK button, once downloaded open the downloaded file
  • Step 1: Click Install
  • Step 2: Click Install again
  • Step 3: Allow from this source
  • Step 4: Click Install again and wait for the Installation to Finish
  • Step 5: Congratulations, now you can open it and start using it for free

Protect Yourself Against Fake & Virus Apps

As you are aware nowadays, a lot of fake apps are available over the internet, but still, people tend to download those apps which do not even end up working at all. Even those apps are often packed with virus bloatware too. As those apps are installed, eventually it reduces your cellphone’s performance along with its battery backup. So always download from authentic websites that are real and virus-free or you can also try installing any good antivirus software in your mobile.

this is bombitup.in website virustotal screenshot

How does this App Works

Application Programming Interface, which is known as APIs, allows various apps to communicate with each other. Similarly, this bomb it app uses multiple APIs of different apps for pranking. So whenever you prank anyone, they receive unlimited messages with random app names. No one would ever know your real identity as these APIs keep changing and are updated from time to time by the developer.


SMS Blast

this is sms blast

SMS blast is also known as message bomber, sms bomber. It allows you to send unlimited SMS Internationally to India, the U.K., Nepal, the Philippines, and Pakistan. U.S. & Bangladesh. You can use sms spammer to prank anyone you want to without your identity being revealed.

Email Blast

this is email blast

Some people prefer emails and they are also called Email Bomber. In today’s modern world, you can email anyone on their birthdays or any other special event. Fill their inbox with your desired emails, and make them feel special.

WhatsApp Blast

this is whatsapp blast

WhatsApp blast allows you to send unlimited multiple custom messages to your contacts. One of the most common uses of this feature is for whatsapp digital marketing. According to a 2023 study which was carried out by AI Data, an average of 33.5 minutes is spent daily on WhatsApp.

SMS Blast (U.S.A)

An alternative name for this feature, also known as International Targeting. The unique point is that it uses random emails to prank USA-registered numbers. It works great when being used on high-speed internet.

Fake Call Bomber

this is fake call bomber

Fake Call bomber is also known as call bombitup frequently used for annoying your friends in different ways. People receive random missed calls, they keep receiving automated calls from random numbers. Spam calls keep buzzing their phones until they don’t switch off their phones.

Bulk SMS Marketing

This feature is mostly used by marketing business agencies for their product promotions. Ad spending in the Direct Messaging Advertising market worldwide is forecasted to reach US$84.47bn in 2024. The market is expected to display an annual growth rate (CAGR 2024-2029) of 1.56%, leading to a projected market volume of US$91.27bn by 2029. Short message service is the easiest way to reach the target audience. Despite the social media today still bulk SMS marketing is considered to be very productive. There are various packages available for bulk SMS marketing for advertising your products.

bulk sms marketing

Staying Anonymous

In this digital world, it is very challenging to stay anonymous. Since this bomb it apk uses multiple APIs, it is assured that your identity will always remain hidden when using it.

Staying Anonymous

Free to Use

This app is free to use, and it will always be free to use. There are no annual or hidden charges. Anyone can download it and use it for free.

Why Choose BOMBitUP SMS Bomber

There are numerous apps available over the internet. Some of them are very complicated and not user-friendly, while other apps have limited features. बॉम्बिटअप ऐप is the best and most recommended app based on users’ feedback as it is simple, user-friendly, fast, has multiple features, and above all, it’s free.

Protection List SMS & Email

If you want to block sms from bomb it apk and don’t want your friends to prank you via SMS, then you can also add your name and number to the protected phone list. and you won’t receive spam SMS. Similarly, if you don’t want your friends to prank you via email, then you can add your email to a protected email list, and you will not receive spam emails.

Protected List

Write down your name
Write your email which you want to add in Protection List
Write your number which you want to add in Protection List

Fill in your details to stop receiving spam SMS and emails. This list keeps resetting and is valid for 3 weeks only, so you have to submit your details after every 3 weeks to stay on the Protected List.

How to Stop BOMBitUP SMS Manually

If this app is installed, open it, and if it is not installed, then click here

Once the app is open, click Options and select Protection List. Once you are in the protected list, enter your name and number to stop spam messages & if you want to stop unwanted emails as well, then select Protect Email and enter your email. It is recommended to use a protected phone and protected email to secure yourself from pranks and spam.

  • Once the app is open
  • Step 1: Click Protect List
  • Step 2: Click Protect Phone (if you want to protect your phone number)
  • Step 2A: Click Protect Email (if you want to protect your email)
  • Step 3: Write your First name
  • Step 3A: Write the Email which you want to protect
  • Step 4: Write the number that you want to protect
  • Step 4A: Congratulations the email has been successfully added into the Protection List
  • Step 5: Congratulations the number is successfully added into the Protection List
this explain how to add number in protection list manually

Download BOMBitUP Sms Bomber Old Version

The apk old versions history is written below in chronological order

The most successful version in 2019 was v4.04.1. After that, various came with new updates and bugs fixed, such as v4.1, v4.1.1, v4.2, v4.3, v4.3.1, v4.4.1, v4.4.2, v4.4.2.1, v4.4.2.2, v4.4.2.3, v4.4.2.4, v4.4.2.5, v4.4.2.6. Version, which is the latest and most stable version.

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BOMBitUP Sms Bomber APK for PC

Bomb it apk is not designed for PCs, nor is there any PC version. If you still want it, then here is an alternative simple process. If you already have an emulator installed, then open it or else click here for the installation of the emulator

Now that you have an emulator installed, open the emulator and select App Player. Once the app player has opened, select the Install APK button or press the hotkey (Ctrl + Shift + B) to browse the app where it is downloaded. Normally, all apps are downloaded in the Downloads Folder whose location is User → Downloads, and it’s installed.

Emulator for PC

There are various emulators available on the internet, but I recommend the BlueStacks emulator. It is one of the oldest emulators, and it offers a free version also.

Online Tool

Normal SMS bomber apps offer their tools to be used online without installation, but there is a risk of anonymity not being maintained. Considering the risk mentioned bomb it app doesn’t offer such online usage as this app’s top priority is anonymity. So you have to download it and install it if you want to use it

How to Use

Once the app is downloaded and installed you can easily open it and use it without any registration. Choose your country where you want to SMS blast and write the number without country code and without adding 0 and select delay 1

BOMBitUP SMS Bomber for iOS

Unfortunately, considering iOS devices’ policy issues, it doesn’t allow such apps to be installed. Moreover, after quiet research, I did not find any app that allows me to prank anonymously for Apple device users.

How to Trace Who is Sending SMS from this App

It can’t be traced who is sending an SMS from this app as it uses various APIs. 

The solution is to block those SMS or register your number in this app Protect list.

How to Use WhatsApp Spammer

You can easily use this WhatsApp spammer by selecting WApp Spammer. Enter the number you want to spam then enter your custom text message. Enter the count, as it means the number of messages you want to send, and press the open WhatsApp button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is safe to use, and it does not contain any virus or malware whatsoever. However, a VirusTotal screenshot is also attached for reference.

You can easily block all the SMS from this app by simply registering your number in the protection list. This list will be cleared after every 3 weeks.

You can download this app easily from the download section of this website, where download and installation instructions are also mentioned just in case if required.

Unfortunately, this app is not available on the Play Store, but you can easily download it from this website’s download section, where download instructions are mentioned.

No, this app can’t be tracked as it uses multiple APIs, and your anonymity is assured in this app. Moreover, this app doesn’t require any registration.

The latest version of this app is version, which is the most stable version equipped with multiple APIs and amazing features such as International Targeting.

This app is normally used for pranking anyone you want with different types of fake SMS of OTPs with different app names, which would make the target think about when they applied for that specific app.

How to Use BOMBitUP SMS Bomber Video


If your sole purpose is to prank anyone anonymously with different methods, then bombitup sms bomber is the best app for you. Remember, do not use this app for any negative intuitions or harass anyone. The purpose of creating this app was for fun only. If you want more fun then play this awesome football game FC Mobile.