Can BOMBitUP be used outside India

Can Bombitup be used outside India

We often think of it and yes it will work outside India and that is true. The thing that we should always take care of is the respective country’s rules and regulations because bullying someone in India might be normal, but not in other countries. So always use this app cautiously and prank only the people you know in real life to avoid any major conflicts.

this is outside india

Technical Limitations

Currently, bombitup offers their pranking service to 7 countries across the globe, including India. However, in the future, the number of countries over the period will increase as the team is already working on it.

Legal Liabilities

Before using this app outside India, please be sure to be fully aware of the respective country’s legal abiding laws. India has flexible laws as compared to European and Western countries especially.

Legal Implications

In India it is legal to use this app as every user gives an undertaking on using this app for pranking only at the start of the installation process. As far as other countries are concerned, it’s better to go through their legal laws to be sure about the usage policy of pranking apps.

Ethical Responsibilities

No religion allows us to harm or disturb anyone’s personal life to the point that they get frustrated. We should always look after each other’s comfort and should not think of harming anyone by any means.

Security Issues

Unlike other apps which are available on playstore, we feel safe and secure while using those apps. Since this app is not available on the Play Store, we have still shared the virus total scan report to assure you that this app is safe and secure and does not possess any security issues whatsoever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it depends upon that specific country’s rules & regulations regarding spamming or bullying anyone online. Do check laws of the relevant country before using in that specific country.

Yes, sure, you can use it as long as they don’t get harassed or feel bullied by you. In the end, please make sure to tell them that you were pranking them to avoid any unexpected situations.

There aren’t any ethical laws for using pranking apps as long as they intend to prank only. Further, we would like to update you that this app’s sole purpose is for fun only.

Users can ensure their device safety by downloading from trustable websites that provide virus reports of that app to be sure that it’s not packed with any malware. Also, check App Permissions to see which permissions this app requires.

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