What is BOMBitUP SMS Bomber

What is this BOMBitUP SMS Bomber

Bombitup was created by RomReviewer who is an Indian Developer. The sole purpose of this sms bomber includes pranking only. Unfortunately, nowadays, people also use it for various reasons, such as bullying their enemies and other harmful intentions.

bombitup sms bomber

Downloading Guide

Normal apps are usually available on the Google Play store, but still, some unique and real apps aren’t available on the play store. Therefore, people download it from different websites. Similarly, this app isn’t available on Playstore, but you can easily download it from here.

Installation Guide

Congratulations, you have downloaded the app. Now you have to open the downloaded apk file. Once you open the file, it will ask for an undertaking that you won’t use for any negative purposes. After that, your installation process will begin, and soon it will be installed.

Usage Guide

Hurray, you have finally installed the most awaited app. Will this app work or not? It’s definitely going to work. You have to follow simple guidelines. Add the number that you want to prank and press start, it is really as simple as that.

Risk Mitigants

This app doesn’t contain any risks of your identity being revealed as long as it is being used for pranking only. It is not recommended to use this app to disturb anyone’s personal life by spamming them. Annoying people who you do not know could lead to legal action by the concerned authorities. It is recommended to follow fair usage policy guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, people tend to think that since a lot of fake apps are available on the internet, which do not often work at all. What’s the surety that this app will work? Well, there’s no surety until & unless you download and install it.

Yes you can download and use this app for free. Thanks to the developer of this app for providing this amazing app free of cost.

Yes, it is totally legal as long as you are using it for prank purposes, not for any negative purposes. As this app also discourages negative usage.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use, and your identity won’t be disclosed since this app does not ask for any registration to use it.

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