an overview about spam messages

An Overview About Spam Messages

Have you ever received any random messages? Your cellphone, by default, detected it. You see a pop-up window with the heading Suspected Spam Messages, and it gives you 2 options 

1. Report not Spam
2. Report Spam

Have you ever wondered what it was? That? That was a spam message. Normally, in today’s digital world, our devices are smart enough to detect such messages without the help of any additional tool.

spam messages

How do these spam messages work

These messages contain some link or code that gets activated when you tap on them. Once you tap on them, the spammer succeeds in his attempt. He gets access to whatever he has requested in a spam message.

What to do when you receive a spam message

Select the option of reporting as Spam. You can also delete it directly without tapping any link or code in the message. These messages don’t harm you until and unless you tap on the provided link or code in the message or register your number in bombitup protection list.

How to ignore spam messages

Nowadays, our devices have already learned to detect spam messages based on reports. When a message is received from a sender that has been marked Spam by various users, our device automatically sends it to the spam folder. Still, if you receive any message that seems to be a spam message, all you need to do is open that message, click options, select Block and Report, and confirm it.

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