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How to Prank Your Friend on WhatsApp in 2024 For Free

Looking for ways to prank your friends and that too on WhatsApp because it is the easiest? But have you still not found the best way to do it? Do not worry because I am going to solve your problem right away. This article covers how to prank your friends without any hassle.

This article is the hard work of my research on finding ways of pranking friends and I have the best way to do it now. I am going to share one way which works like magic and you will be completely satisfied with it. It works 100% and it is completely free so now consider your search to be over.

The best part is your identity will remain hidden and you can enjoy it easily. You can feel being excitement now but before giving you the magic wand a disclaimer. Do not use this app for any revenge sort of purpose or disturbing anyone. The sole idea is to prank your very close friends and tell them afterwards, use this app for entertainment purposes only.

Using WhatsApp for Pranking Your Friends

WhatsApp is an app which we use to send and receive messages and calls. Being used for both personal and professional purposes, it is very effective and easy to use. Many features on WhatsApp allow great things to happen but I will talk about how you can prank your close friends on WhatsApp.

First of all remember it is very easy to block anyone on WhatsApp which can lead your prank to be a failure. Also you can get easily caught if your number is saved on your friend’s phone but you might think of getting a new number and still get blocked. 

Reading this article till the end will help you know how to prank on WhatsApp the right way.

Pranking on WhatsApp

The secret is using a WhatsApp bomber which will send unlimited messages back to back to your entered number. Those instant messages to your friend will leave him or her super surprised and shocked. They will not know who is sending the messages and only you will know who is the mastermind prankster. 

The WhatsApp bomber that I am talking about is the only app you will need and our website will provide you with that too. You only have to download it and then run the application. After that, put your friend’s number there and bingo your messages are already on the way to your friend’s WhatsApp.

So right here and right now, I will provide you with the best bomber APK for free. It will include so much more than only Whatsapp, and a complete guide for you all.

WhatsApp Bomber APK Download – BOMBitUP

You read it right, it’s called BOMBitUP which means start bombarding them with text messages and calls already. This is the best app to prank your best friends today, it is your magic wand and it is for free. We are not charging you anything for this but remember to not use this app for any wrong or dirty purposes.

BOMBitUP is an application which will help you prank in different ways. It includes SMS, calls, emails and your WhatsApp bombing too. This app is not currently available on play store, but you can get it here from our website. You can also try any other third party website but make sure it is a trustworthy source.

At our website we have another article which includes the step-by-step of downloading BOMBitUP. It includes a complete guide to help you get a good experience. We have explained everything there with images included too and trust us you will love it. Make sure to follow all the steps as told to avoid any trouble and you will be thankful for choosing us.

Do share your experience with us as we would love to know how your prank went and we wish you well. Do share your feedback about this article too if it helped you. Share this with your friends and family and tell them about us.

Remember to only use this app for fair means. Hope this article helped you find the best way to prank on Whatsapp for the year 2024.

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